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Murray Hodges is the founder and Managing Director of Fluidsentry Pty Ltd, With 14 years of schooling, Murray's qualifications include: Fluid Power Technician, A Grade Electrician, Electronics, AC/DC drives systems and TUV. He was a technical advisor on the SF-04 1 technical committee for the Australian Standard AS4024 Safeguarding of Machinery and a fluid power design representative for the Safety and Environmental Risk Consultants of Australia (SERCA)

In working with these organisations, Murray found that there was a challenge for systems designers to meet safety requirements with regard to the integrity of fluid power safety control systems. Although there were a number of products available in Europe and Australia for safety applications, the manufacturers could not demonstrate compliance with the key standards that outline the requirements for the safety related parts of control system, such as AS 4024.1 or EN954-1.

In 2000, after extensive research and development, the first monitored pneumatic safety valve was produced using positive driven high precision safety switching for the monitoring function. Since then, Fluidsentry has continued to develop new solutions to assist industry in complying with AS4024.1 and ISO 13849 requirements.

Today, leading the way in Machine Operator Access Safety, the team at Fluidsentry offer a range of products and services specifically designed to assist industry in making the fluid power systems of machinery safer.
Leading the way in Machine Operator Access Safety
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Hydraulics - HBV36 Series
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